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Thanks a lot for every….thing! I’m so very blessed that I met a consultant like you. I have found you exceptionally professional, committed and efficient. You have been so very kind & cordial in answering my queries in simplified and timely manner all through this journey & no doubt always went an extra mile in providing me excellent services. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to you for making my dream come true. – Iram – University of Victoria

Thank you for an honest opinion. I know my GMAT and CGPA aren’t good enough. Thank you for being honest. I will try to do better next time or think of another route. I appreciate your efforts. – Ahmed

Thanks a lot madam, your helping views are much valuable for me – Arslaan

Thank you for the good news. Thank you for all your work. Regards – Talia – York University

Hello mam, hope u r fine. I reached Canada safely. THANK YOU for all your help. – Saad – York University

It is my pleasure to inform you that I have just received my visa-stamped passport from CHC Islamabad. I would like to thank you for your kind help during the process. – Nasir – University of Ottawa

Thank you Helen for your support. – Anjum

No body Give me detailed answer like you . I am really appreciated your concern even I am not In your concern area . I pray for you that you live long healthy and successful life – M. Arshad

Testimonials from English Language Students:

I would like to thank both of you for your guidance. I am glad to have you both teach our class. – Showzib

I would like to say thanks of your effort. – Khurram 

I am very happy to have both of you as teachers as well as very helpful and kind friends….At one time I had a passion to speak English conversations with anyone.  At that time I thought I couldn’t do it, but now I am completely hopefully I can. – Mafia

I have learned pronunciation, verb tenses, vocabulary and I can better communicate now. – A student

Their way of teaching is easy and friendly.  They have an excellent ability to teach English. – Faizan

My pronunciation of words is improving. – Zahid

I feel a vast improvement in my listening and pronunciation abilities. – Bilal

Everything is extraordinary of both trainers. – A student

The behaviour of the trainers is very supportive and receptive towards every individual. – A student

“My communication is now much better than before because of your training and my client is very happy with me. I would like to thank you again for all your support and help which you have given me in my training classes. I would never forget you as you both are the part of those people who groomed by communication and personality regarding my career.Faizan

“Mam, thanks for your help to improve my English; because of that training, I got the job in STC Saudia Riadh Company.”Zeeshan

“I have scored a Band 7.5 in IELTS after taking 2 weeks of preparation from Busisense English.  Listening was 7.5, Reading 8, Writing, 7.5 and Speaking 7.5.  Thanks”.Hassan

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Sunil

    I have passed 8 papers of O’ level and 3 papers of A ‘ level also passed B.Com Karachi University with 2nd Division. Further I have passed 10 Papers of ACCA only two papers remain to qualified ACCA. I am interested to join in MBA finance with general course
    Kindly advise can I get admission for MBA in Memorial University Newfoundland Canada and Manituba University Canada.
    Looking farward to your helpful response

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      Most universities in Canada will only consider you if you have 1st division; therefore you are best contacting the desired university directly.

  2. Sehrish Salman

    I have done B.COM from Punjab University in 1st division but I am interested in Theology.Can u please email me back regarding the University details I should select for the relevant studies and fee structure as well. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  3. Sarwar

    Assalamualykum, with all due respect, after seeing most of the posts here I would like to know something for myself, (and a friend) because I am planning to pursue my masters in Canada as early as possible. To start with, I am almost done with my BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of around 3.5 out of 4. I am a bit confused which university to go so that after graduation, the certificate along the skills I will earn would land me a job immediately. And another thing, what difference would it make if I do MEng instead of MSc. regarding finding employment . It would be humble enough if you could mention some good university names that offers masters in both electrical and mechanical/Industrial engineering along with the certainty in acquiring a scholarship/funding.
    Looking forward to your reply. Thank You


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