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Physio Therapy Students in Joan Loomis classroom

Teaching Excellence Important Factor When Choosing a University

When you are looking at which international university or college to study at, Canada should come up on your radar screen.  Although many factors go into choosing a university, factors such as financial costs, standard of living, programs offered and the quality of education offered at the institution where you want to study at must be considered.  A Canadian education has much to offer the international student:

PISA Ranking – According to the 2009 PISA report, among OECD countries, Canada stands 6th well above the UK and the USA.  Although this survey was conducted with 15-year old students, it is still an indicator of the calibre of education and teaching that takes place in Canada’s post-secondary education.

Conference Board of Canada in their report, puts Canada in third place just below Japan and Finland with Australia next and the UK and the USA trailing far behind.  The top provinces in this report are BC, Ontario and Alberta.  Inclusion in the survey looked at three criteria, standard of living, population size and geographic size so this report was limited to 15 peer countries.

QS Rankings – Although many of the top spots went to US and UK universities, Canada didn’t lag far behind.  Canada’s fewer may be a factor, but nevertheless, 23 universities in the QS list were among the top 200 where quality of subject taught was measured.  Twenty-nine subjects were surveyed and for the Canadian universities, the leaders in all 29 subjects were the University of Alberta and McGill University.

The UN consistently ranks Canada as one of the best places in the world to live.  It is also one of the best places to study in because it’s universities rank among the top 100 in the world, i.e.:  The University of Alberta currently holds 84th position according to QS rankings.  Our universities are noted for innovation and world-class collaborative research and development.  The Canadian government also offers post-graduate work incentives to attract international students to its shores.

Canada is indeed the place to study in.

Georgian studying in canada

Combine Beautiful Scenery with Studying in Canada

One of the most beautifully scenic places in Canada is Barrie, Ontario which is just a one hour drive from Toronto.  Barrie has been called a bedroom community of greater Toronto.  The city is not as busy or crowded so a person can have a quieter lifestyle.

Barrie, located on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario, boasts lakeshore fronts, boating excursions and hotel and tourist attractions.  Now what if you could study in Canada in such a beautiful place and also find a part-time job to supplement your income to cover your education costs?

Georgian College, a polytechnic institute with a good reputation offers some degree programs and many technical and business diplomas that will help you get a job in Canada.  For example their power engineering technology or one of their marine engineering technology programs are must consider options when you are looking at programs to study in Canada.

The Power Engineering and Marine Engineering programs are held at their Owen Sound campus which also is on the lakefront and sports a large marina.

There are good job opportunities if you study marine or power engineering programs as these specialised engineers will continue to be in demand.  Canada has lots of water as we have many lakes and Canada is surrounded by three oceans, the Pacific on the West Coast, the Atlantic on the East Coast and the Arctic to the north.  These specialisations are also needed worldwide.

There are jobs to be had, which also includes the co-op component of their technical diploma certifications and part-time work is available in the retail and hospitality/resort industry.

With so many things to do in Barrie, either indoors or outside, you do not want to miss seeing this beautiful place and maybe even staying there while you study at Georgian College.

Take a look at the links provided in this article and then contact Alberta Rose Education Centre to speak to the college’s representative in Pakistan.

Where the Market Is

Canada Study MarketThe UK has always been an ideal destination for studying abroad.  But with the UK tightening their post-graduate work programs, many international students look to other countries as the ideal place to study.

This tightening of immigration and work laws in the UK affects all international students, regardless of origin.  Six thousand Canadian students are also fearful that they will have to look elsewhere to work and live.

Canada’s post-graduate program is still attractive and international students who are studying  in Canada are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while in school.  This is a great help to those who need to supplement their income with employment while studying in Canada.

Post-secondary graduates will want to take a look at a province’s Provincial Nominee program and the Canadian Experience program which also includes the Express Entry process.  In a province like Alberta, if you are technically skilled or an engineer, there is probably a job waiting for you.  Alberta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country so studying at the University of Alberta can give you an edge over other students in other provinces.

Changing a course in life always has its struggles so you may have to really hunt for a job, or struggle a bit until that happens and you come under the government’s post-graduate program.  But overall, Canada offers one of the best after-graduate work programs for international students to become part of the Canadian economy and society.  In fact, Canada encourages international students to stay if they meet the criteria.

International Student Services at Canadian Institutes

ISS Studying In CanadaAll universities and colleges in Canada have an international centre or office where you can go for inquiries and concerns about being an international student in Canada.  In fact, whether you have any questions or not, it is always a good idea to go visit the office and make your acquaintance.   While studying in Canada it is always nice to go to a warm, welcoming environment where you will be met with a smile.

Also, the International Centres have many programs that can help you get adjusted to Canadian life and also they have some just fun events.  Everyone needs to play; you can’t always be working while studying in Canada.

The International Centre at the University of Alberta has two main events that every incoming international student will want to participate in; one is especially geared to undergraduate students and the other one is for everyone.

U of A +:  This program runs the last 2 weeks of August and gives international undergraduate students an orientation on what to expect from their professors and the teaching methods used at the University of Alberta.  The university is well aware that international students come from different learning methods, such as the rote-learning system found in Pakistan or India.

Transitions:  This is a 3 day event at the end of August and is an orientation to Edmonton and the University.  It is a fun-filled event and is open to both graduate and undergraduate, new students or returning students.  All are welcome.

It is not that other universities and colleges don’t have programs for international centres they do.  For example, Georgian College has their own orientation program.

So, when you are considering a good college or university where you can study in Canada, you will also want to look at their International Services to see what they offer international students.  Studying in Canada is a holistic experience not just left to studying and exams.

Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is a new venture for Alberta Rose Education Centre and we are glad we did it.  As Canadian education consultants we have much to offer you because we still consider Canada our home country.  Canada has a lot to offer international students who want to study abroad.  Not only does Canada have some of the top ranking universities in the world, but it also provides great incentives for the qualified international student by way of a diversity of programs and even upgrading programs for the international student who does not meet Canadian admission requirement standards.

As a Canadian, I am more familiar than most international student recruiters with the Canadian education scene and with my country, geographically, culturally, every which way of speaking.  I worked at a major Canadian university for over 25 years and in the course of my duties helped many international students from all over the world, Pakistani students included.

Education in Canada covers a broad area as we have many colleges and universities that offer a diversity of programs.  All provinces have excellent institutions and some of these provinces even have work incentives that the international student can take advantage of.

Therefore watch for upcoming articles that will bring Canada and its study programs to you.  I will share with you our better colleges and universities, our study programs for the international student and work and employment programs which you can take advantage of while you are a student and once you graduate.

Check out this page frequently because something new just for the Pakistani student will come your way each week.