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Friday is Games Day

It’s the end of the school week, and if you are lucky, the end of the work week.  So it’s time for a game.  Try this brain stimulating game to increase your brain power.  I played this game and it is good game of strategy.  So give it a try, you will like it.

Some ‘age’ words

The answer to each of the following is a word ending with ‘age’.  See if you can think of the whole word.  The first one is done to give you the idea.  Give the right answer in a comment.

  1. A bird’s age:   C age
  2. A suitcase’s age:  _ _ _ _ age
  3. An age that is powerful:  _ _ _ _ age
  4. An age for fatherless & motherless children:  _ _ _ _ _ _ age
  5. A bride and groom get this age:  _ _ _ _ _ age
  6. An age between 13 and 18:  _ _ _ _ age
  7. Using words in this age:  _ _ _ _ age
  8. An age in a book:  _ age
  9. An age to do without:  _ _ _ _ _ age
  10. The age that gives you the right to vote:  _ _ _ _ _ age

Once in a Blue Moon

“I only get a day off once in a blue moon.”  Have you ever heard someone say something like that?  Have you ever used the expression ‘once in a blue moon’?  What do English speakers mean when they say once in a blue moon? How often is a blue moon anyway?

We would love to hear your thoughts and answers on this trivia question.

English Word Trivia

The word ‘freelance‘ is frequently used these days.  We have freelance writers, photographers and etc.  We often use words that we don’t really think about and freelance is one of those words.  What does the word freelance mean?  From where did this word originate?

Try your hand at answering the question, then stay tuned to see who gets the right answer.

English Word Riddle

Work out each letter of a useful word from the following riddle.  It’s a word that means something everyone needs.

My first letter is in WINDPIPE and also in WOMB.
My second’s in HEART and also in BACK.
My third’s in FEET and also in THROAT.
My fourth’s in ELBOW and also in EAR.
My last’s in RIB and also in ARTERY.