Canada’s Friendly Work Permit Programs

PISA Studying in CanadaCanada has become an ideal destination for international students who wish to study abroad. There are several reasons why Canada offers students an attractive package to students.

High-Quality Education

One of the reasons that Canada’s education system stands at the top is because the Canadian government highly funds education at all levels. Post-secondary institutions focus on teaching and research quality. Although Canada may have fewer universities than some countries, one quarter out of 100 Canadian universities are in the world’s top ranks. These include the Universities of Toronto, McGill, UBC and the University of Alberta.

Cost of Tuition

Compared to other countries, Canada’s education is affordable. Tuition for one year at a Canadian university can cost anywhere from $10,000 CAD to $30,000 CAD. Compare this to an average of $30,000 USD to $45,000 USD in the USA or $28-25,000 USD in Australia or $18,000 USD in the UK

Cost of Living

The cost of living is more affordable than that found in other countries such as the UK, USA and Australia. So if you are looking for a world recognised degree at an affordable price, then you will want to study in Canada at one of their top ranking universities.

Canada’s Attractive Work Programs for Students

Canada has immigration friendly work-permit programs like their Post-Graduation Work Permit program. A student can work up to three years in Canada and be eligible for a Permanent Residency upon completion of the program. Their Canadian Experience Class program allows a student to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada once they have landed a job.

The Canadian government is quick to acknowledge that it is an aging country where they do not have enough young people to replace retirees. Therefore new young international students are the desired candidates to help their economy grow.

All of these benefits make Canada an ideal country to study in.

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