Permanent Residency after Graduation now easier in Canada

airport-studying in canadaEffective November 18, 2016, Canada’s Express Entry program has just become easier for international students studying in Canada. The two main improvements are:

The Comprehensive Ranking System will grant 15 points for a 1 to 2 year diploma or certificate. Students who obtain a degree or diploma that is three years or longer will bet 30 points. There are also many other points an international student will be able to obtain. The relative young age of graduates will prove a plus in staking up the points. Additionally they will be able to get points for language proficiency, having a degree (regardless of length) and Canadian work experience which many students will have if they have participated in part-time employment or a Co-op work program during their studies.

Time Spent Studying will also work towards the time required to obtain permanent residency. That means that some of the time an international student spends studying will be factored into meeting the time in Canada requirement for their PR.

Canada is certainly one of the more attractive study abroad destinations and these recent changes to Canada’s immigration policies have just made it that more attractive.


2 thoughts on “Permanent Residency after Graduation now easier in Canada

  1. Rawan

    I am interested in doing a degree in Canada. I would like to do it in the humanities or social sciences ares such as psychology and Linguistics, what are some of the good and cheap universities which I apply to in order to also secure work permit after graduation, I understand Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are notable for their low unemployment rates, and relative affordability. can I also become a teacher in Canada if I do a B.Ed as a foreigner and get work in those provinces?

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      Depending on your marks, you might also want to think about a scholarship that can reduce your tuition cost. In Alberta you can take a B.Ed degree and then work under our government’s Post Graduation Work Program. You could work but would not get your Teaching Certificate until you have put in sufficient time to become a PR. This would be a paid position. The universities you want to look at in the three provinces are U of Alberta, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Regina and Manitoba.


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