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The University of Alberta: On the Cutting Edge of Technology

ecocar_735x284The University of Alberta in Canada is celebrating because their EcoCar Team just won an international competition in Detroit.  Their eyes are now set for the world eco-car championship in England.

So what is this EcoCar all about?

Well, it is a car that is based on hydrogen fuel cells.  A fuel cell takes hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.  Usable electric power is produced as long as there is hydrogen supplied to the fuel cell.  Fuel cell technology is a technology with promise because hydrogen fuel cells can be utilized in renewable energy, reduce pollution levels and be economical.

So if you are a student who aspires to build or design a prototype car of tomorrow, then you will want to join a Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Alberta.  There are research and participation opportunities for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Be part of tomorrow’s future and a part of Canada’s future, study at the University of Alberta.  The university has scholarship opportunities for high-achieving international students.