Canada’s Immigration Perks for International Students

airport-studying in canadaUnder the new management of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada is changing its immigration policies to the benefit of international students who choose Canada as their study destination.

One of the more immediate benefits will be seen in Bill C-6 where international students can count 50% of their study time towards meeting the physical residency requirement for permanent residency.  So for each day spent studying, they can count one-half day towards meeting that requirement, up to one year.  For easy math, 2 years of study means 1 year of meeting the permanent residency requirement.  Additionally, students will only need to reside three years out of five to qualify.

Other positive changes are also expected further down the pipeline.  So watching Canada’s immigration policy changes will bring its rewards to international students who want to permanently reside in Canada.  These changes should be welcoming changes to the student who wants to study in Canada.

Canada’s Immigration Minister claims that the best candidates for Canadian citizenship are their international students, therefore every measure must be considered to make Canada attractive to the international student.  Canada’s current population is aging and to keep the economy going and to fill the employment demands of the future, Canada needs immigrants.

Who better to fill that pool than international students who have studied in Canada, have Canadian degrees and know Canada?  It is a win-win situation for both the international student who wants to study and stay in Canada and for the country of Canada.


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