Benefits of International Students Studying in Canada

SwarnWedding 006This article comes with a twist.  Most articles depict the benefits an international student might have when they study in Canada, but I want to focus on how Canada; the host country, benefits from students who study within its shores.

Although there are many pluses, the three main ones are social, cultural and economic.

Social Benefits – By having a diverse international student body, Canadian youth and adults can mingle with students from almost any country in the world.  New friendships develop and this might even mean trips overseas for Canadians who have developed fast friendships with international students.  Also, these international exchanges at the social level can positively change a national’s perspective about the citizens of different countries that are often portrayed negatively in the media.

Cultural Benefits – International students bring their culture with them and Canadians can learn about different cultures and ideas.  Not only is food and dance a part of culture, but Canadians can learn attitudes, values and perspectives as well.  This not only enriches our lives, but also the classroom discussions as well.  All students, national and international get a broader, well-rounded education from the contributions of international students.

Economic Benefits – The economic benefits to the Canadian economy cannot be overestimated.  In fact, that is the driving point of the Canadian government’s mandate to increase the number of international students studying in Canada.  A small population in a vast, resource rich, technically advanced country means there is a need for skilled professionals.  The demand is there.  Additionally, international students spend money on food, clothing and other commodities which increases sales and builds the economy.  Also, international students pay far more for tuition than national students thus subsidizing education for Canadian nationals and also increasing the number of seats that are allotted to international students.  This is a win-win situation for students, both international and national, governments and institutions.

With all of these benefits, and more which Canada obtains from having an international student study at one of their educational institutions, international students should not hesitate to consider Canada as an ideal study destination.  There are a good number of world ranking universities and excellent teaching colleges and campuses in Canada.  The land of Canada awaits the student who wants to study in Canada.

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