The Hands-On Learning Advantage

Hands on Studying in CanadaPractical know-how and theory must go hand in hand; at least that is the experience of University of Alberta professor Jeffery Kavenaugh.  An award winning professor, Kavenaugh is currently designing drones as a learning tool.

What are some of the advantages of practical experience?

  • Students Have Different Learning Styles – some students learn from the textbook but others need that hands-on experience to learn better
  • Gives Students and Edge in a Competitive World – if you get that practical experience while studying, you have a completive advantage over other unemployed peers.
  • Helps Land Jobs in the Industry – In Canada, industries want experienced employees.  If you are studying in Canada, it is difficult to get experience unless education and practical application go hand-in-hand.
  • Improves Student/Teacher Interaction – Students and teachers are more apt to interact and discuss the subject at hand.

The University of Alberta is a study in Canada institution where you can get both the practical and the theory by participating in their Co-op programs, internships or being part of an innovative classroom like that taught by Jeffery Kavanaugh.

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