Stuck on Maths??

study mathI meet so many students who want to study abroad but don’t study Maths because they don’t like it or it is just hard to do.  So they avoid that senior Maths class.  I even meet Business streamed students who take Accounting, Economics, Business Studies but no Maths; and then they want to study abroad.

They have really undermined their chances of being accepted to a university or college in Canada or internationally.

My advice is to take that Maths class, even if you don’t get an A-star grade.  Maybe you need to settle for a B, but it can get you into the desired program.

The University of Alberta in Canada recognises that Maths is not everyone’s strongest subject, so they have provided the Decima Robinson Support Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.  They provide homework help to struggling Maths students.  The student needs to work; they provide the tools and resources for the students to find the answers.  But the right answer is the name of the game; right?  And also how you arrived at the right answer is equally important.

Up to six Teaching Assistants are available to help and students can just drop in.

Business, economics and science students will have to study Maths courses in their first year and even subsequent years, but they do not need to fear failure in Math because help is available to any student who wants to learn and get good grades.

The University of Alberta cares about its students where they provide a nurturing environment for learners.

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