How to Be Recognised by the Boss

Are you struggling along in your job; it’s mediocre at best and it looks like you will never get a promotion?  Although there several ways to get recognised by the boss, or better still, become the boss, one way is by producing quality well-written reports and other documentation.

Effective business communication should be grammatically correct, well organised and it should use appropriate vocabulary.  Documents that meet these requirements speak loudly about you as it reflects:

  • A level of professional competency and proficiency that others do not have
  • Strong values of carefulness and integrity so necessary in a competitive business world
  • Strong commitment to the company and its corporate image
  • A pride in a job well done; the best results and product matters to you

Good communication, whether oral or written is noticed by superiors and clients.

Of course, not all of us are proficient writers so if you have a report, a business letter or any other business communication that you need to produce, you may want to consider the services of a reputable editing service that will ensure that your document meets international English standards and that it is top-notch, a cut above the rest.

AREC Editing1

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