A Word in Time Saves Nine

AREC Editing ServicesGood communication is essential to business for many reasons; one of them being that it saves valuable time.

What do I mean by good communication?  There are three components to communicating your message well; correct grammar, suitable and well placed vocabulary, proper organisation and sufficient content.  If your documents and messages have this, your business will upturn.

Good Communication will:

Save time – A well delivered message means that what was intended to be said has been delivered and relayed correctly, thus reducing confusion whereby the message must be either resent or translated by someone in the organisation as to what should have been communicated.

Reduce Errors – if the document, such as a how-to manual is not correctly worded, then errors in production can occur

Increase Productivity – Whatever the document used to communicate information; if it is grammatically correct and appropriate, if well-placed vocabulary has been used, then production is up.  Your employees understand what they need to do and clients understand the high quality of the product or service you are providing.

If English is not your strong suit, then you will want to solicit the services of a good editing firm to provide you with their expertise in editing your documents and letters.  Alberta Rose Education Centre has editing services that will cover all your editing needs.

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