A 30% Savings to Study in Canada

This year and in the coming years Canada is and will be the ideal place to study.  In fact, American students are crossing the border in large numbers to take advantage of the decreased value of the Canadian dollar.

Canada already boasts lower tuition rates and cost of living expenses than its American counterparts and this makes Canada an attractive study destination.  But nowadays, the Canadian dollar is worth about 30% less than the American dollar which makes studying in Canada, from both an academic and financial perspective, even more attractive than ever before.  Thirty percent less in the value of the Canadian dollar over the US dollar means that whatever your currency you can get a world recognised degree for less money than if you studied in the US.  That is a good value for your educational investment.

If you are still looking for an undergraduate program, you can still meet the admission deadlines for several Canadian universities.  For example, you can choose from over 200 undergraduate program in 18 faculties at the prestigious University of Alberta, and there deadline is March 1st for international students.


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