Canada’s Education Systems are Top-Notch

If you are considering studying abroad, you really must give consideration to Canada.  It has some of the best education systems in the world; that is from primary to post-secondary.

Let’s look at the statistics:


PISA is the Programme for International Student Assessment, an international survey that evaluates the education systems of 70 countries.  They test the skills and knowledge of 15 year old students in mathematics and other core subjects.  In the latest survey, 2012, Canada ranked in 9th spot, with Asian countries taking the lead.  Canada outranked Australia, the UK and the USA.

PISA Studying in CanadaTesting high school students, of course, doesn’t necessarily conclude that our post-secondary institutions are better, but it certainly could be a strong indicator that all of Canada’s education systems, from primary to tertiary are high performers.  Graduating students from a top-notch system would enter university expecting the same calibre of education and teaching that they received at the secondary level.  Graduating students from these tertiary institutions are the teaching staff in our secondary systems.  Therefore, the PISA results reflect favourably on all our systems.

The Conference Board of Canada

The Conference Board of Canada measures Canada’s education performance against 15 peer countries.  In this survey Japan and Finland outrank Canada, putting Canada in 3rd place.  This survey also places the education systems in Alberta, BC and Ontario as the top 3 in Canada.


Another source, Universitas, looks specifically at higher education and ranks the US first, followed by Sweden and then Canada in their 2014 results.

Each of these surveys measure with different criteria; therefore, which country offers the best education system is difficult to determine conclusively.  But it can be said that Canada’s education system, from primary to tertiary is top-notch, and Canada must be seriously considered when students are considering a study abroad destination.  We also have the highest college graduation rates; which mean Canadian students will complete their studies, indicating satisfaction with their programs and the opportunities when they graduate.

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