Where the Market Is

Canada Study MarketThe UK has always been an ideal destination for studying abroad.  But with the UK tightening their post-graduate work programs, many international students look to other countries as the ideal place to study.

This tightening of immigration and work laws in the UK affects all international students, regardless of origin.  Six thousand Canadian students are also fearful that they will have to look elsewhere to work and live.

Canada’s post-graduate program is still attractive and international students who are studying  in Canada are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while in school.  This is a great help to those who need to supplement their income with employment while studying in Canada.

Post-secondary graduates will want to take a look at a province’s Provincial Nominee program and the Canadian Experience program which also includes the Express Entry process.  In a province like Alberta, if you are technically skilled or an engineer, there is probably a job waiting for you.  Alberta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country so studying at the University of Alberta can give you an edge over other students in other provinces.

Changing a course in life always has its struggles so you may have to really hunt for a job, or struggle a bit until that happens and you come under the government’s post-graduate program.  But overall, Canada offers one of the best after-graduate work programs for international students to become part of the Canadian economy and society.  In fact, Canada encourages international students to stay if they meet the criteria.

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