Summertime is a Time to Relax

Calg Family 005Summer is on, classes are over and the last exams are being written.  That means it’s time for a nice story instead of hard work and cold facts.

Studying in Canada isn’t all about studying as some students have found out.  It also includes building relationships and finding a family away from home.  One student who came to study at the University of Alberta found his second family in his research supervisor.  The friendship that was built was to the point where this international student was ‘adopted’ into the family.  When you are so far away from home, studying in Canada, it is nice to have a place you can call home and someone cares for you.

Some international centres at universities and colleges have some sort of host family program so that you can feel welcomed and be included in some family activities.  Other activities may include weekend trips to the mountains or some other group activity.  Make sure to look up the International Centre at the university or college where you are studying in Canada to find out what kind of fun activities you can get involved in.


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