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Secure Your University Accommodations Now

Study Permit CanadaIf you are planning to study in Canada this September 2015, if you haven’t done so already, you should be securing your on campus residence now.  Students should not wait until after they get their study permits before applying for accommodations.  Most residence application fees are nominal; $25 to $50 so it is best to get your accommodations before available space is no longer available.

And if your arrival date is just a few days before you can move into your flat or dormitory, some universities offer temporary or hotel rooms as well which can be booked on a daily basis.

For example at the University of Alberta an incoming student can get the following rooms:

  • Hotel Style Guestrooms – $109.00 plus tax
  • Traditional Dorm rooms – range from $50 to $60 plus tax
  • Shaffer Hall rooms – $70.00 plus tax

Other Canadian universities will also offer temporary accommodations, especially during the summer months.  Several universities that do offer this service are Grant MacEwan University and the University of Toronto among a few.

To find out if the university or college you intend to study at in Canada has temporary guest rooms, contact either the respective residence services office or the International Centre at the university or college.