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University of Alberta – Excellence in Teaching

TPhysio Therapy Students in Joan Loomis classroomhe proof of the pudding is in the eating; or so the adage goes.  Universities everywhere will state that their professors are dedicated to teaching but where is the proof?

Canada’s prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship awards do that; they prove that a professor can teach.

This is not just recognition within the ‘old boy’s school’ because nominations for this award can come from administrators department heads, colleagues and former students.  Nominees must demonstrate their excellence in teaching mainly at the undergraduate level during the last five years and secondly they must have a demonstrable commitment to improving teaching beyond their discipline, job description or profession.  So this is a case where more effort is recognised.

One example of innovation and going beyond the job requirement is Dr. Jonathan White who teaches in the Department of Surgery at the University of Alberta.  He has designed teaching online through podcasts called Surgery 101.  Some of the lectures are free, others you have to sign up for, for a nominal $4.99 per month.

The University of Alberta leads the way with 41 academics who have won this prestigious award; 17 of these have been in the last 10 years.

If you are an international student interested in studying in Canada next year, you will certainly want to study at the University of Alberta, where you do get a quality education with their excellent teaching staff.  They don’t just talk about it; they do it as is evident when they hold so many excellent teaching awards from the Canadian government.

So start planning now for study at the University of Alberta next year.  You will be glad you did because you will learn more than you expected and leave the university a well-qualified graduate.

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