Entrance Scholarships University of Alberta

Study Canada ScholarshipDo Pakistani students get scholarships from Canadian universities?  Yes they do!  I am so excited for several of my students who were not only admitted to the University of Alberta, but they have also received scholarships.  The University of Alberta is currently sending out notifications to their 1st year applicants, offers of scholarships.  I have received messages from students and school counsellors saying that they have received offers have ranged from $33,000 to $2,000.  Some students have received more than one scholarship.

The University of Alberta provides over $22 million in scholarships per year to incoming undergraduate students.  If you are a high achiever you should not be doubtful about applying to Canadian universities such as the University of Alberta; fearful that you won’t get a scholarship.  If you are an A or A+ student, you are eligible and there is likely to be a scholarship waiting for you.


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