Should I Write the GRE Exam?

Yes, it would be a wise move to write the GRE exam; especially if you plan on studying in either Canada or the USA.  More and more universities in Canada are asking international students to write the GRE.  It is often stated as one of the admission requirements for international students.  For example, the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta states that any prospective graduate student who wants to take either their Master’s or PhD program must have GRE results.

Why are universities asking for GRE results?

The GRE is a standardized exam and with so many international students applying to study in Canada, the universities are asking for these results because they are then able to  evaluate students using a common measurement.  With so many different education systems it is no wonder that the universities are turning more and more to an exam that will help them fairly assess a student’s capabilities for graduate studies.

What are the Advantages of the GRE?

Valid for 5 years – Even if you are still in your undergraduate degree, writing the GRE early is a good idea because it is valid for 5 years.  When you are ready to apply to a graduate school you don’t have to start preparing for the exam and writing it, you just have to start applying

Gives you a competitive edge over other students – Not all graduate schools in Canada, as yet, ask for GRE results, but most will at a minimum say that it is recommended.  That means that good results will give you an advantage over a student who doesn’t write it.  You are more likely to be admitted than the student who doesn’t.

Opens options – If you don’t write the GRE exam and the university where you want to study in Canada asks for GRE results; then you can’t apply to that program.

If you are planning on studying in Canada in 2016, seriously consider writing the GRE exam now; don’t wait.  Then when you start writing to departments and potential supervisors you can quote your GRE score; IMPRESSIVE!

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