Jobs in Hot Demand in Canada

Oil workers in CanadaWhile it is imperative to consider your career opportunities in your home country when choosing a program of study in Canada, students also want to know what jobs are in demand in Canada.  Even if they come back to their home country after studying in Canada, they may choose to work in their field of study before returning.

So what does the job market look like in Canada?

You may want to choose finance or engineering as the choice for studying in Canada as these jobs are heavily in demand.  In engineering, civil engineering jobs top the list with software, mechanical, electrical and geotechnical engineering falling close behind.

The Western provinces; BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are where you will find work after studying Engineering.  But if Finance is your strong suit, then Eastern Canada is where you want to be with financial and business analysts being the most in demand jobs in Toronto.

But the medical profession must not be ignored as registered nurses, medical technologists and technicians and pharmacists are also needed.  Although international students cannot study to be a Medical Doctor in Canada, there are plenty of related fields of study where an international student can study.  One such program is the Medical Laboratory Sciences such as the one offered at the University of Alberta.  There is bound to be work found when you graduate from this discipline.

Fast behind these medical professions are related jobs such as psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and counsellors.  Also needed are audiologists, speech therapists and physical therapists.  Other professions include Human Resource specialists and managers and of course the trades are jobs that are always in high demand.

Students will need to contact the International Centres at their university or college to make sure they have all the required documents and work permits to work in their field of study after graduation.

If you would like to study in Canada for September 2015 or January 2016, then contact Alberta Rose Education Centre for study options to further your career.

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