UK International Student Policies Turn Students to Other Destinations

image001Since the UK has tightened its work visa policies for non-European Union international students, many of aspiring students are looking to other English speaking countries as the desired destination to study.

One of the new policies is that the employer must advertise for a sufficient length of time and interview sufficient EU applicants before it can even consider offering a non-European student a interview for the job they might have applied for.  Also, under some conditions, international students must leave the country after they have completed their courses.  Additionally, diploma graduate students are not allowed to be employed but must return to their home country.

More and more international students are looking to Australia, Canada and the USA as their desired country where they can study the program of their choice.

Canada offers many excellent work incentives to the international student.  They offer programs for students while they study and also after graduation.

Part-time Employment While Studying – International students can work up to 20 hours per week, either on campus or off campus while they are students.  Students can work on or off campus immediately.  Students can work full time during holiday periods.  (Restrictions may apply for some institutions).

Co-op Work Experience – Many universities and colleges offer co-op work experience programs with their degree and/or diploma programs.  These are excellent programs which allow students to get practical training and Canadian work experience.  It also shows for credit on your college/university transcripts.  Students who opt for a co-op work experience are often hired very quickly either by the co-op employer or another employer in the industry.  These are paid positions

Internships – Internships work very much like a co-op term although they may be shorter; for example two months versus four or six months.

Post-graduate Work Program – This government sponsored program permits graduating international students to get valuable work experience in their chosen field.  Students may work up to the length of time of their studies to a maximum of three years.  This allows them to meet the time requirement for permanent residency for which they may be eligible.

Students will certainly want to consider Canada as a possible study destination, not only becomes of its great work incentives but also because Canada offers one of the best education systems in the world.  A degree from a Canadian university is recognized worldwide.

If you are a graduating high school student you might want to pursue a bright future by studying in Canada.  There are many undergraduate programs to consider.  Or if you have completed your bachelor’s degree with a CGPA of 3 or more, you might want to consider Graduate Studies.  For more information contact a Canadian university representative in Pakistan to find out if you are eligible to apply.


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