Best MBA Schools in Canada

When choosing a study destination in Canada for an MBA program you will want to take a look at several factors:

  • Business School’s Rank
  • Cost of Tuition
  • Living Costs
  • Job Opportunities

Business School’s Rank – The latest from the Financial Times of London reveals that four Canadian Schools of Business do well on the international front.  Four Canadian universities were in the top 100 worldwide.

MBA Ranks Study CanadaTuition Costs – of the four top universities, the University of Toronto is by far the most expensive and the University of Alberta for the least expensive just edges out UBC.

Cost of Living – The two most expensive cities in Canada for cost of living are Vancouver and Toronto.  So for an international student, these two cities might not be your first choice for living.  Edmonton falls well behind that and Kingston may fall within the same cost range.

Job Opportunities – although one doesn’t always have to work in the same province where one graduates from, the job opportunities in that province do need to be considered.  As of November 2014, unemployment overall in Canada was at 6.6%.  Province wise, Alberta’s unemployment rate was 4.5%, BC’s was 5.8% and Ontario’s rate stood at 7%.  Clearly, from a job perspective Alberta is still the best place to find a job.

So when looking for a top ranking university where you can conceivably yearn a handsome salary when you graduate, you will want to factor all of the above into the equation when choosing the best place in Canada to study for your MBA program.

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