Admission Deadlines at Canadian Universities

If you are planning on studying a Master’s degree or a PhD in Canada for the September 2015 intake, you had better move on it.  In fact, for most universities the admission deadline has passed.  Most universities in Canada have admission deadlines in January or February and some as early as December 2014.

The University of Alberta does have some programs with a March 1st deadline, but not all departments hold that date.  For example the Department of Computing Science had January 15th as their cut-off date but Electrical and Computing Engineering has a March 1st deadline.

The Universities of Windsor and Saskatchewan may still have open admission dates; Windsor having April 1st and some of Saskatchewan’s departments have rolling admissions.  So if you are planning on studying in Canada this Fall, make sure of the deadlines now so you can get the application process completed and documents sent before the deadline.  If you need to find a supervisor prior to admission, you may be out of luck for this year and will have to consider January 2016 or even September 2016.

The education consultants at Alberta Rose Education Centre in Lahore are now advising graduate applicants that they are now looking at 2016 so that everything can be accomplished and appropriately processed.

There is still time for undergraduate applications but please don’t leave it too late either.  March 2015 should be the deadline for applying to study at a Canadian university or college even if the institution where you want to study in Canada gives a later date for International students.  In Pakistan it can take 3 to 6 months for a student visa to be processed so you want to get that application in as soon as possible.

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