Survey Gives Canada Top Marks

airport-studying in canadaAn international survey that canvassed foreign students from Asia and the Middle East gave Canada top marks for its visa programs which make it easier for international students to work while studying in Canada.  Canada also championed on its multiculturalism policy.

The global education agency IDP surveyed 1000 students from 7 Asian countries including countries in the Middle East.  This is not only great news for Canada which wants to increase the number of international students from around 200,000 to 450,000 by the year 2022, but it is also great news for prospective international students who aspire to study in Canada.

Through the visa programs, Canada intends to create jobs and stimulate their domestic economy; that means employment opportunities for the international student.  It also means the Canadian government is bent on ensuring eligible international students get their visas and are Canada bound.

So what is good for Canada will prove good for the international student.  If you aspire to study in Canada be assured that if you meet the requirements of the universities and colleges and if you meet the study permit requirements, you will be issued a visa.

If you are a Pakistani student interested in an undergraduate program or a graduate program, contact one of the consultants at Alberta Rose Education Centre for assistance.  They have over 29 years of working in the post-secondary education sector in Canada.

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