The University of Alberta Goes to Rural Punjab

Study 2If you ask Helen Khan about the latest school she visited in her presentation of the University of Alberta, Canada to Pakistani high school students, she will share with you that she was pleasantly surprised at what greeted her behind the hodgepodge of industries and shops along Barki’s thoroughfare through town.  For those unfamiliar with the town, it is located in rural Pakistan, District Lahore.

Ikhwan Science College sits back from the main bazaar providing an atmosphere of scholarly tranquility, a place where students can study.  But it is the calibre and dedication of the qualified, experienced teachers and the attentiveness of the students that caught Helen Khan’s attention.  This school is a tribute of what education can do in the rural areas of Pakistan; providing a solid higher secondary education to bright and now eager students who might otherwise have been left behind in illiteracy and ignorance.

It simply proves what dedicated staff and students who desire to study can produce.  Ms. Khan believes that among the 150 students who gave her a standing ovation when she presented the University of Alberta to them, that there are some high achievers who will make the grades to be eligible to study in Canada at an institution of the calibre of the University of Alberta, Canada.

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