Education in Alberta, Canada is the Best

study in alberta canadaAccording to the Canadian magazine, MacLean’s, Alberta has one of the best education systems in Canada.  Although the reason why Alberta’s high school student fares better than their counterpart in other provinces isn’t of interest to the international student, the reasons why students fare so well at the post-secondary (university & college) level will interest the international student who wants to study in Canada. Here are some of the reasons an international student will do well if they study in Canada at an educational institution situated in the province of Alberta:

  1. Alberta has teaching universities – Grant MacEwan University and Mount Royal have instructors who spend their efforts teaching, not doing research.  That means that the student benefits from professors who focus on teaching and who engage with their students.  National student satisfaction surveys puts both Grant MacEwan and Mount Royal at the top.  Sixty percent of Grant MacEwan seniors said that if they were to start their studies again, they would do it right where they were; at Grant MacEwan.  The national average is 45%.
  2. According to Statistics Canada, public funds to Alberta’s universities is 75% of all funding – well over the national average and the highest in Canada – another good reason to choose to study in Alberta, Canada.  Both graduates and undergraduates studying at Alberta’s research intensive universities have research opportunities.
  3. Alberta universities hold 17 percent of the Canada Excellence Research Chairs, 12 percent of the prestigious Vanier Scholarships which is open to international graduate students and it has the second highest per faculty research funding in Canada.  The University of Alberta is one such university.  Again this is another reason for the international student, especially the graduate student to consider studying in Canada at a university or college in Alberta.

There are many other reasons why an international student should consider studying in Alberta, Canada.  Some of these are opportunities for co-op work experience while going to university, internships, a low unemployment rate which means plenty of opportunities to find a job and also a lower cost of living then many other provinces in Canada. If you are interested in studying in Canada, and are considering Alberta, or another province, you will want to contact Alberta Rose Education Centre and avail the services of their consultants who have over 27 years working in the Canadian education system. Some information was retrieved from:

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