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No Pain, No Gain Study Plan

student-and-studyA young man walked into my office the other day with the intent to study in Canada, but he had idled away his final year of high school and so could not meet the entrance requirements to study at a Canadian university.  If there is no pain, there is no gain.  Getting good marks does require some effort.  Here are some tips to get those high marks that will take you places:

  1. Get sufficient rest, nourishment and exercise – getting proper rest, eating enough food and getting plenty of exercise will give you the energy you need to study.
  2. Have a set time and place to study – if you have a set routine and a good place to study, then you will not forget to study or procrastinate.  The study place should not be your bed; you will only fall asleep.
  3. Plan a daily study schedule, don’t cram for exams – plan to study everyday.  This will help your long term memory and you will remember everything you need to for the exam.  Cramming only lasts as long as the cram; the facts may not even remain in your head long enough to write the exam.
  4. Take notes in class; don’t rely on your memory – take notes; most of us don’t have a photographic memory and we forget.  You have many subjects and facts to remember so don’t rely on your memory.
  5. Try to understand; don’t just memorise – to get good marks you need to understand your subjects, not just memorise them.  If you memorise only, you will forget, but if you understand you will remember; perhaps even as long as a lifetime.
  6. Study the questions at the end of the chapter – the summary and questions at the end of the chapter are there for a reason – to help you study.  So make use of this important part of the chapter.
  7. Review, review and review again – this is essential for good marks – review your text, your lecture notes; not just once or twice, but many times.  Remake notes in your reviews, not just read and you will remember most of the information.

If you follow this simple regime, you will benefit from the result because you will be the guy or gal with top marks.  So don’t procrastinate, set up a study schedule today and reap the rewards.

How to Write a Resume for University

Study Canada resumeOne resume does not fit all scenarios and this is particularly true if you are writing a resume to meet the admission requirements for university in Canada or elsewhere.  A resume that you will write for admission is not the same as the one that you will present for employment.

So what kind of resume should you write if you want to study in Canada?  This may vary depending on the university or department so it is important to check out the department’s requirements before submitting your resume to the respective university or department.

If there is no specific format asked for, then the following format is an acceptable order/format for studying at a university in Canada:

  • Name, address, phone number and email should be at the top, right hand side above a horizontal line
  • Objective should come under the horizontal line, but make sure that it majors in academic goals with a minor in employment goals, followed by another horizontal line

The order of headings should be as follows:

    1. Education, listed from last taken to earliest taken; do not include high school if you are applying for graduate studies, just your post-secondary education
    2. Research projects, activities which would include academic/scientific conferences, etc.
    3. Awards – scholarships, etc.
    4. Publications, if any
    5. Related work experience
    6. Research interest areas and goals
    7. Other relevant experiences, etc.
    8. References – 2 out of 3 should be academic referees

If you follow this format you are sure to catch the admissions departments’ eye.  They are keenly interested in your research abilities and interests so you want to make sure you emphasise what is important to them.

If you are planning on studying in Canada at the graduate level and you are still not too sure what your resume should be like, you might want to avail the editing services of a company that understands Canadian educational resume requirements, contact Alberta Rose Education Centre in DHA, Lahore.

A top-notch academic resume might just be the catalyst that lands you that graduate position at a university in Canada.  Then with the confirmation of admission letter in hand, you can confidently apply for your Canada study permit.

Games Children Play

Education is not only for the young.  Sometimes as parents, we need to be educated too.  No, we don’t have to go back to our school days and sit on hard chairs, but we can go to the virtual classroom.

As parents do we understand much about the video games our children play?  Some parents think that our children benefit from these games, whereas others are quite convinced that children gain nothing from them at all.

So as adults, we need to learn as much as we can about what our children are doing when they are not studying.  The University of Alberta has provided the perfect course for not only young people and students but for us parents as well.

They are currently offering an online course on video games which is free to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Students studying at the University of Alberta can also take this course for credit.  Globally, one can also take this course as a credential for a cost.

Whether you play video games or just want to learn what they are all about, check out this online course offered by the University of Alberta.