Grant MacEwan University: Most Satisfied Students

For those students who are planning on studying in Canada September 2015, they will want to take a look at one of Canada’s smaller universities, Grant MacEwan University.  Grant MacEwan is situated in Edmonton, Alberta and has a credit transfer agreement with the University of Alberta for their Engineering Students.

According to the Canadian University Report 2013 put out by Canada’s prestigious Globe and Mail, Grant MacEwan ranked first place among 15 small universities for most satisfied students.

A small university can be a great place to start your undergraduate programs.  These universities are often affiliated with larger, research intensive universities and often have credit transfer agreements.

These universities offer smaller classrooms; better professor/student ratio and homework help programs from both professors and peers; much to the benefit of the student.  For the international student making that transition from homeland to studying in Canada, a smaller campus is often the place to study.  Additionally, these universities are fully equipped with state of the art facilities as are the larger universities.

The table below shows the rankings for these small universities. Most student satisfaction

If you are considering studying in Canada next year, contact your Grant MacEwan University representative in Pakistan at Alberta Rose Education Centre for assistance and further information.

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