Can I Do Credit Transfer to a Canadian University?

Many students who want to study in Canada ask if they can do a credit transfer to a Canadian university.  The answer is of course you can, but…; there is often a but clause to ever question:

Not all universities accept transfers to all of their programs.  For example, unless there is an institutional agreement in place, it is most likely that a student will not be able to do a credit transfer to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta.  The university does accept credit transfers to other faculties.

  1. Generally students transfer for the 1st and 2nd years because most universities in Canada will transfer only a maximum of 60 credits.  That means that if you are in your 3rd year and want to study in Canada for your 4th year, you may have to redo some of your 3rd year doing the same or different courses, but you will need to attend more than the usual 4 years.
  2. Courses will be decided once you arrive on campus and the Registrar’s Office reviews your courses as to syllabus, required readings, etc, and of course your marks in the courses.  If the courses are similar then you may be granted credit.
  3. It is not easy to move from one faculty to another when doing a credit transfer.  For example, if you are studying science (even in the same university), you might not be able to transfer to the Faculty of Engineering at all universities.  Some Canadian universities do allow credit transfers between faculties.

Before applying to a university with credit transfer in mind, you want to research their credit transfer policy carefully.  You may decide to:

    • Apply for Credit Transfer to the university where  you want to study in Canada
    • Complete your bachelor’s degree in your initial university and apply for a graduate study program in Canada
    • Study in Canada at the bachelor’s level; applying for admission to a study program in Canada after completing your higher secondary school in Pakistan will be worthwhile.  Universities in Canada accept students with the required marks who have completed their FSc, FA, O&A levels and their AP subjects.

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