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Will You Take Your School Age Children with You?

Essay cartoon Alberta TuitionDeciding to study in Canada, or any country abroad is a life-changing venture, especially if you are a mature person with school age children.  Do you take them with you or leave them behind with family; be it grandparents or siblings?  The cost of educating your children while studying in Canada or elsewhere must be considered.

Most school boards in Canada charge international fees for the children of international students.  One of the exceptions is the school board in Edmonton, Alberta.  The public school system does not charge international fees for the children of international students studying in Edmonton.

These children will pay what Canadian students pay, a nominal amount for book rentals, gym facilities, student’s union fees and other miscellaneous fees like field trips and the rental of musical instruments for those in music classes.

This is a real plus for international students who are looking for a university where not only tuition is affordable but so is the cost of living in Canada.

So if you are planning to take your school age children with you to Canada, consider an institution, i.e.:  The University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan University or some other institution which is located in Edmonton, Alberta.  This is where you will be able to afford an excellent education for your children.