What does an Admission Deadline Mean to You?

Deadline Study CanadaDon’t let a university’s admission deadline fool you into thinking you have plenty of time to register, especially if you are a graduate student who wants funding, scholarships, or simply wants to get accepted into a Canadian university or college.

Admission deadlines are certainly something that a student needs to make sure they meet; but the earlier you get your application in the better.  Some universities in Canada do not wait until the deadline to make their decision; they may make it as the applications come in.  Some universities do wait until the deadline and then take all the applicants and choose the best to fill their positions.  The problem with both scenarios, you, as the student, may not know which process the department is doing to take.

Graduate Studies is a very competitive field and if you are planning on studying in Canada, it is important to know that positions at the graduate level are limited.  Some departments may take only 5 or 10 new graduate students per year; yet they will get 100 admission applications.

If the deadline is May 1st, then don’t wait until mid-April to apply, apply in October or November when the department at the university where you want to study starts accepting applications for the Fall term.  This is even more important if you want to be considered for scholarship and funding because some scholarship deadlines are far earlier than the education institution’s deadline.  Procrastination will disappoint you.

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