How Limited is your Education Consultant?

Stop sign studying in canadaSome students have approached me thinking that if they use my services, I can prioritise their application to study in Canada at a university or college; or I can influence the admissions offices to grant them admission to the study program they have applied for.

There seems to be this general misconception that education consultants can positively affect the admission decision.  This is not true.  I repeatedly advise any student who wants to use my services that recruitment personal, whether they are actual agents or representatives of a university or college in Canada or working independently cannot influence the decision of the admissions officers at a Canadian university or college.

So what can an education consultant do for you?

Selection of Suitable Institutions:  The education consultant should be familiar with the different universities and colleges in Canada where a student can study.  The consultant or agent should also be knowledgeable about the programs offered, or be able to refer you to appropriate sites.  They should try to match your credentials and interests to the program that is best suited to you, the prospective international student who wants to study in Canada.

Familiarity with University Policies:  They should be able to provide information about refund, payment and registration policies, procedures, as be necessary to provide the best service to the student.

Provide application services:  Consultants can provide application services both at the graduate and undergraduate level.  Providing services for undergraduates is not as complicated as for Grad Studies.  In addition to filling in the admissions application, these services might include translation, editing and proofreading research proposals and ensuring that all entrance requirements to the university are met.  They can followup with the university if documents have been misplaced or there is some misunderstanding.

Scholarships and Funding:  Consultants should have some knowledge of the funding or scholarship opportunities available for students who wish to study in Canada at a university or college.  Again they cannot guarantee funds but they can direct the student to the resources that are available so they can apply, etc.

Auxiliary Information and Assistance:  For a student who wants to study in Canada, in addition to the application, there are so many other areas that need to be covered.  Airport pickup, housing, banking information, cost of living, etc and etc – anything that might make the transition to Canada easier; guidance in this area should be provided.  They can also advise them on work opportunities in Canada and direct them to the correct government or university sites.

Student Visa Processing:  Unless the agent is licensed by the Canadian government to provide paid for immigration services, an education consultant can only direct the student to the appropriate Citizen and Immigration Canada sites.  They can also provide translation, editing/proofreading services and ensure that the student has provided all the required documents but checking them against a checklist.  They may also have to help the student understand the requirements of the Student visa documents, explaining certain points like what is “Custodian authorisation”?  The consultant cannot charge for these services unless licensed.

Having a good education consultant can certainly work to your benefit as they are the ones that do all the research and hard work for you.  This frees up your time to concentrate on completing your current degree or doing your job.  They are there to provide the best studying in Canada services to you.

What Education Consultants Can Not Do?

Influence the Admission Decision Making Process:  Education consultants and agents for students who want to study in Canada are recruitment personnel; whether they work independently from the university or college or there is a contract in place.  They may have access to certain key personnel at the university but they do influence the admissions decision, either by having the application prioritised (although they may explain certain country constraints so the admissions officers are aware of these constraints and take them into consideration) or having the institution give admission to the student.

With this information in mind, you can now find an education consultant who will help you find a good university or college in Canada where you can study and do well in your future life.

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