Do Canadian Universities & Colleges Accept Intermediate Graduates?

Intermediate study in canadaWhat place do Intermediate graduates of Pakistan’s Higher Secondary School system have in Canada’s post-secondary education system?  Can a student with an Intermediate Certificate study in Canada?  The answer is yes; but let us look at what education systems Canadian universities and colleges recognise:

American High School System – this is an accepted system that must be supplemented with AP courses and sometimes SAT Math 2 exams.  The American system does not fully equate to the Canadian High School system.

AP System – This is a recognised system for studying in Canada.  If you need Math for Engineering or Sciences, you may have to write the SAT Math exams.  Please make sure to check out the college or university websites to confirm if you need to write the SAT exam.

For the above 2 systems, students may or may not be exempt from writing the IELTS exam depending on supporting English Language Proficiency documents.

Cambridge (GCSE) System – Most international students studying in Canada have taken the Cambridge system and done their O levels and A levels.  These are highly recognised but not as well understood as the National system (AKA Intermediate) as very few schools in Canada offer the British curriculum.  A student who wants to study in Canada should have a combination of B and A marks in their O and A level courses.

If students have taken O Level English literature and received a grade of B or better, they do not have to write the IELTS exam

Intermediate – Pakistan’s national system is an easily understood system for Canadian universities and colleges as it parallels the Matriculation system used in the majority of public schools in Canada.  Canadian students study for 12 years  as do Pakistani students so as long as you have taken the right courses for your chosen program to study in Canada, and you have a minimum of 75% (depending on the program), you will qualify for most Canadian diploma and degree programs.

NOTE:  Intermediate student will have to take the IELTS Academic Exam.

Of course other systems may be recognised as well, but these are the most popular ones that Canadian institutions will consider.


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