Confirmed: Diploma Students Do Get Visas

Chef study in canadaContrary to popular belief, Pakistani students who wish to study in a diploma program in Canada do get their student visas.

The rumour spread is that the Canadian government does not issue student visas to Pakistani students who have been admitted to a diploma program at a college in Canada.  Well this is simply not true.

As a Canadian I couldn’t understand this statement so I decided it was time to conduct my own research.  I contacted a number of colleges in Canada to find out if they had any international students from Pakistan enrolled in their diploma programs.

The response I got was what I had expected, that indeed Canada issues study permits to Pakistani students who have been admitted to diploma programs.  The only conclusion to this is that if a Pakistani student is actively taking classes in a diploma program in a Canadian university, then the Canadian government is issuing study visas to Pakistani diploma students.

The evidence is as follows:

  • Technical diplomas – students are granted visas for various technical, mechanical diploma programs
  • Business diplomas – Business, human resources and related disciplines all have Pakistani students taking classes

That doesn’t say that other diplomas, such as child care, addiction treatment and other disciplines will not be considered by the Canadian government.  If they grant visas for one kind of diploma, they are granting visas for other disciplines as well.

So all you students who would like to pursue a diploma or post graduate diploma can continue to follow their dream.  Colleges like Douglas College on the west coast has a good array of diploma programs and associate degrees which are eligible for credit transfer into full degree programs.  Georgian College in Ontario is a great college for business diplomas, polytechnic diplomas and they even grant some degrees.  At both colleges students can study in Co-op programs which gives them work experience and an income while getting credit at the same time.

Of course there are many other colleges that are recognised by the Canadian government. If you would like to pursue your goal of studying for a diploma in Canada, then the time is now to start looking for that perfect match.  If you would like to use our consulting services please contact us at Alberta Rose Education Centre.

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