Can I Plagiarise my Essays at Canadian Universities?

EssayStudyCanadaFirst of all we need to define plagiarism.  Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or words as your own.  It is easy to do, especially with so much information available online.  Even academic papers can be found online which makes it easy to copy and paste phrases, sentences or even whole paragraphs into your own essay.  Or you could copy directly from a textbook or journal.  If you do not acknowledge the source in the proper format (APA, MLA or Chicago are popular referencing styles), then you are guilty of plagiarism.

How Can an Instructor Know if Your Work is Plagiarised?

There are several ways an instructor can find out:

Available software:  There is now software that most schools and universities have that can be used to detect if a student is stealing someone else’s words.

Entering choice sentences into the internet to see what comes up:  If there is no software available; teachers still have their ways of determining if a student cheated or not on the essay.  They simply type a sentence from the essay into Google and then they see what comes up.  It is an easy thing to find out if your student has plagiarised.

Differences in Level of Writing:  This is the first clue that a teacher might have that the student has stolen someone else’s work.  Levels of writing within the essay itself can help a teacher know if the student has plagiarised all or part of his/her paper.  Secondly, the teacher knows his/her students and knows what they are capable of and not capable of.  For example if a student cannot write sentences grammatically correctly, but turns in a superior paper with mature vocabulary and complex sentence structures, the instructor will be immediately suspicious and then they will deliberately find the source of the information..

What are the Consequences of Plagiarising at Canadian Colleges and Universities?

Consequences vary from simply having to rewrite the essay or receiving a failing grade to s suspension from the institution.  Suspension can be up to 6 semesters (2 years) and you cannot even set foot on the campus property.  The consequences of submitting a plagiarised paper are so severe that no student should choose to do it.  Plagiarism is considered a crime, stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.  It is called cheating.

What if I use a Professional Writing Service for my Essays?

It is harder to detect a custom-made essay done by a professional writing service, but not impossible.  One of the easiest ways to detect one of these essays is to see the difference in writing levels between the student’s exam and the submitted essay.  That is a sure way of detecting cheating through using one of these services.

Also the instructor will know the level that is expected from the students.  For example an undergraduate student will probably not write like a PhD student.  If a PhD person has written the essay, the professor has a pretty good idea that the words are not that of the student.

In the end, plagiarism doesn’t pay.  The student is really cheating himself/herself by using someone else’s work.  You have learned nothing except how to cheat.

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