What High School Subjects Should I Take to Study in Canada?

subjects study in canadaCanadian universities and colleges accept both O/A level graduates and Intermediate graduates as long as they meet the minimum percent for marks.  So if you are planning to study in Canada once you have finished your Higher Secondary or A level year, then you will want to choose your courses keeping your goal in mind.

Remember that Canadian institutions accept students who have taken what is considered core subjects such as Maths, Science and English in addition to other subjects.  They are looking for a student that has a well-rounded higher secondary education.  As a general rule the following subjects should be selected for the following faculties:

Arts, Education – English, 2 subjects from the Humanities, Liberal Arts and a Second Language and 2 Sciences or 1 Maths

Science, Engineering, Agriculture – Make sure to include3 of Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, etc.  Also English is necessary along with another subject from the Humanities, Liberal Arts or Languages.

Business – Students should include Maths, a Science, English, a Humanities/Liberal Arts and Language subjects.  Business courses are good electives, options.

Students should maintain good grades.  Major Canadian universities require 75% or better for the final marks for Science and Arts.  Higher marks such as 85% or better are required for Engineering, Honours Science and Business faculties.  Please note that entrance averages are often much higher than the stated minimum.

Some smaller universities and colleges will accept lower percentages.

Students studying their O/A levels under the Cambridge system (GCE) must present a minimum of two A (AS) level courses, although some faculties require three.  The remaining course may be made up with O Levels.

Please note that these are just general guidelines.  If a student is doubtful about what subjects he/she should study at the higher secondary level, he/she should check out a Canadian universities website to ensure he/she has selected the right subjects to qualify them to study in Canada.

If you need help in determining which subjects are right for you to study in Canada, then you can also call a Canadian university/college representative in Pakistan who will help you make the right selection.

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