Studying Engineering in Alberta, Canada

Studying in Canada oilEngineering is one of the most popular programs these days in Canada.  This is especially true for those that want to study Petroleum Engineering, but additionally, the province of Alberta, which has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, desperately needs qualified professional and technical graduates.  The chance of employment in Alberta is extremely high, making studying at an Albertan educational institution particularly attractive.

Although Alberta has a number of high-quality institutions, I would like to point out just two of them; the University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University.

Both universities are conveniently located in Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton and students will enjoy all the same amenities of transportation and living costs. They will also have the same work opportunities.

Grant MacEwan University is a small teaching university that is affiliated with the University of Alberta where students can take their first year of a Bachelors of Science in Engineering and then transfer to the University of Alberta to complete their degree.  As long as the student has a minimum GPA of 2.5, students are guaranteed transfer to the University of Alberta.  Students prepare for specialisation in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, materials, mechanical, mining and petroleum engineering.

The advantages of starting off at Grant MacEwan are two-fold:

  • Lower tuition costs – students will save about $3000 to $4000 on their first year courses.
  • Smaller classrooms – this means that students have the advantage of more one on one contact with their professors who are dedicated to teaching.

The University of Alberta is a premier research intensive university that ranks among the top 100 universities, worldwide.

The advantages of studying at the University of Alberta:

  • Co-op Program – learn practical skills while studying when you opt for the Co-op program.  You will be placed in an engineering related industry for practical training while you study.
  • World recognised degree – because of its recognition worldwide, a degree from the University of Alberta will take you places.
  • Great job opportunities – The University of Alberta is situated in the middle of an energy rich province – employment opportunities abound.  That means that the industry wants YOU the new graduate.
  • Scholarships – there are a good number of scholarships open to the international student who wants to study at this university.

If you would like to study at one of these fine universities, then please contact Alberta Rose Education Centre for more information.  They are conveniently located in Lahore, Pakistan to provide you with the best Canadian education consultancy services.  The main consultant is a Canadian who has worked in the education sector for over 27 years.

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