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International Students Will Benefit from Student Visa Changes

This Could be on Your Passport!aEffective June 2014, the new rules for Canada’s Student Visa has suddenly made it easier for international students to study in Canada and stay in Canada after their graduation on a work permit.

The changes make Canada a study destination of choice for international students.

Students will have to be careful that they are enrolling in an educational institution that is designated to admit international students.  (This list is currently being compiled.)  Rather than something to be fearful of, this is a protection to the student that they are enrolling in an institution that is recognised by the Government of Canada and that their Canadian obtained credentials will be recognised.

Other benefits to students are as follows:

  • International students will no longer have to wait 6 months for a work permit to work off campus.  They will automatically be allowed to work on or off campus 20 hours per week during the term and full time during holidays.
  • Visitors to Canada will be permitted to apply for a student visa while in Canada as long as they are currently at a school, on a student exchange, a visiting student or have completed a recognised course and wish to pursue another program.
  • Students who have finished an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue post-graduate studies may work full time until their post-graduate student visa is determined.

There are a few changes that international students should be aware of so as to make sure they are in compliance to these changes:

  • If a student gives up their studies they must return home so as not to be deported
  • The study permit becomes invalid 90 days after their program is finished unless they possess a work permit to remain in Canada
  • Students who are studying in Canada at a non-designated educational institution at the time when the new ruling comes into effect will have up to 3 years to complete their program after the changes come into effect
  • International students at non-designated institutions who hold off-campus work permits or co-op work permits will be allowed to use or renew their work permits until they have completed their studies; to a maximum of 3 years.

These changes can only enhance the international student’s studying in Canada experience and make the student visa process easier.