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News Release – The University of Alberta Attended the DAWN Education Expo January 2014

DSCF5703aFor the first time ever, the University of Alberta participated in the DAWN Education Expo.  It was an exciting time of meeting students and discussing their desires to study in Canada, especially the University of Alberta.

The University is a top-notch university, ranking in the top 100 worldwide.  It has 18 faculties, over 200 undergraduate programs and over 180 graduate programs so there is lots of diversity and choices for study.  International students are bound to find a program of interest at the university.  It is a research intensive university that offers scholarships and funding to its undergraduate and graduate students.

The University’s representative said she was very impressed with the calibre of students who attended the event.  Many students she saw had CPGAs of over 3.5, even some 3.9s out of 4 and most students knew what they wanted to study.  Some were even aware of what the University of Alberta had to offer and that Alberta is a petroleum rich province with many job opportunities.

Also impressive was the many KPK and Baluchistan students who attended the Islamabad venue.  Some of these students had traveled down to Islamabad to explore possible study abroad options.  This shows a genuine commitment to furthering their academic qualifications.

The University of Alberta will continue to maintain a presence in Pakistan and their representative Helen Khan is located in Lahore, Pakistan.  The best way to reach her is via email.  See this page for her contact information.


University of Alberta at DAWN Expo January 2014

DSCF0777The University of Alberta will be at the DAWN Education Expo this January at their Lahore and Islamabad locations.  You will not want to miss this event because this is the first time the University of Alberta will be in Pakistan.

The DAWN Education Expo is one of the largest education fairs in Pakistan that offers students the opportunity to explore the options of studying at different universities and colleges both nationally and internationally. The University of Alberta which is a top-notch world ranking Canadian university, in the top 100 in the world, will be at the DAWN Exhibition.

Canada is a destination of choice for many students who want to study abroad and obtain a prestigious world recognised degree.  The University of Alberta with it diversified undergraduate and graduate programs, scholarship for undergraduates and funding for graduates is one of the most sought after universities in Canada and the world.

The DAWN Education Expo runs January 22 & 23 in Lahore at the PC Hotel and in Islamabad January 25 & 26 at the Pak-China Friendship Centre, hours 11 AM to 7 PM.

Come to the DAWN Education Expo this January and meet their international recruitment representative and find out all about the University of Alberta.  You will find that this university is the university where you will want to study next year.

How to Find a Good Consultant?

How to Find a Good Consultant?

consultantWith so many consultants around, how do you determine which consultant is the best for you?  Which one will give you the best service for the high amount of money you will pay to a consultant?  Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing a consultant who will give you quality service.  After all you want the best consultant around.

  1. The consultant should have admissions-related knowledge about the universities and countries he/she represents.
  2. Parents should be welcomed by the consultant.  After all they are the ones that will be paying the bills and sending their child to study abroad.
  3. The consultant should be able to clearly explain the services they provide and the related costs.  In fact this should be documented and you should be presented with a copy.
  4. The consultant should have high ethical standards such as providing receipts for payments issued and professionalism should be evident in all correspondence, conduct and language.
  5. The consultancy should be a registered company with FBR.
  6. Only licensed immigration consultants can charge you for Canadian student visa processing.  If they ask for payment, then ask to see their licence with the Canadian government.
  7. A consultant cannot promise you admission to any Canadian institution.  Admission acceptance is done at the university or college in Canada.  At best they will process your application and present you at your very best so the university or college will not reject your admission application.

It is their expertise and knowledge of the educational system that you are hiring.  They take away all the worries, stress and hard work.  Because of their know-how you don’t have to worry that you are forgetting something in the process.  It is their business to do all the hard work, making sure that all aspects of your admission application are handled correctly and promptly.


Writing Papers can be a Bummer!

WritingThe economics prof has just asked for a 10 page paper to be done on the Energy Crisis in Pakistan.  Ten pages!   Who does he think he is?  And you have a hundred other things to do for your other professors.  Where are you going to find the time?  But you have to find the time, and so you do the research and write the paper.

But what kind of a paper have you written?  Will the prof like it?  Is it even legible?  Does it meet all the requirements of an English language academic paper?  Will you get an A or a C?  You know and I know that a lot depends on the way you have written the paper.

Don’t fret any longer.  Contact Alberta Rose Education and make use of their editing/proofreading staff that has the academic English language know-how to edit your paper so you can turn in a savvy paper that could only have been written by a genius.  That’s you!