You Love Math and Don’t Even Know It

Math owl tuitionEveryone loves math.  Your response to that statement might be, “Not me!  I hate the stuff!”  But the real truth is that you do love math.  Oh, maybe not the math that you are taught in school.  That is because of the way that math is taught.  Math in school is taught in a way that makes many hate it, or at the best consider it dry facts and number crunching.

But there is a math that is pure and beautiful.  It is seen in the symmetry of a flower.  Have you ever noticed the number of petals in a flower and the perfect symmetry that makes us say gorgeous?  Or what do you think of the planets in their orbit?  Is there any math involved in that?  Of course there is, lots of it, and it is what makes the world go round (literally).

We have a natural love for math, yes, you were born with it.  You see it when you are gripped by a particular song or piece of music, you see it when you marvel over an artist’s handiwork, and you exercise this mathematical ability every time you admire anything with beauty and structure in it.

Patterns are found in both math and music.  When a scientist or a mathematician looks for patterns in the natural world they are doing the same thing you do when you listen to music.  Or if you create your own masterpiece you are exploring; experimenting with patterns.

Perhaps you need to look at math differently.  Don’t look at it just as a subject you have to pass; a subject with lots of numbers, problems and rules.  Look for symmetry, geometry, numbers and equations in other places, places where your maths teacher has not yet explored.  You may well find that you do love math and that you can do math after all.

And if you find out you love math, you will probably excel in it and get those high marks you always dreamed of.

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