Studying in Canada Goes to Education Fair, FCC Lahore

IMG_0225The invitation to attend FCC’s first Education Fair was an occasion to present some of Canada’s finest universities and the opportunities in Canada that await some of Pakistan’s promising students.

The fair was well attended by FCC students and we saw about 100 students, most who were interested in studying in Canada at the Master’s level.  The majority were interested in studying at Canada’s higher ranking universities so the University of Alberta as the University of Choice, which was acceptable to me because as the only representative of the University of Alberta in Pakistan, I was keen to share about this premier Canadian university.

The University of Alberta is a world ranking research intensive university, ranking in the top 100 of the world.  Many of the students at FCC were interested in Biotechnology, Computing Science, Chemistry and other technical/scientific disciplines.  Some were keen to study in Canada in Psychology, English Literature and Political Science and related disciplines.  The diversity of research areas and departments at the University of Alberta means that it can challenge its graduate students in the fields of their choice; so the University of Alberta was the most popular destination for the FCC students.

For students who want to fulfill their dreams of higher education in Canada, consider contacting Helen Khan at Alberta Rose Education Centre to discuss all of your studying in Canada pursuits.  Representing the University of Alberta, she also represents an number of other colleges and universities in Canada and is well versed in post-secondary education in Canada so can help you in all your ambitions to study in Canada, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

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