Employment Opportunities in Canada after Graduation

Study Canada Research1One of the big concerns for any graduate, whether an international student or domestic student, is this:  will I be able to get a job after studying in Canada?  The evidence points to a big, resounding yes; especially if you have a degree in the sciences or a technical field.

The fact is that employment opportunities increase with educational attainment.  Statistics for 2010 given out by Statistics Canada show that for upper secondary graduates who studied in Canada, the employment rate was 72% and for those from polytechnic institutes the employment rate was 78%.

Several factors play into these rates.  The rate is based on disciplines across the board, so even those disciplines like English literature, Political Science and other humanities fields that have an overpopulation of graduates, are included in that 72%.  Therefore, if the statistics were limited to disciplines such as Math, the sciences and engineering, the employment rate would be considerably higher.  The problem is that we have a dearth of graduates in Canada from the sciences, engineering and maths.

One of the reasons behind this is that high school students in Canada are dropping out of math and science and only studying, what we call, the ‘artsy’ courses or simply put; the easier courses.  This is adversely affecting the labour market in Canada.

What this means to an international student who wants to study a bachelors, masters or PhD in a math, science or engineering discipline, the chances of employment after graduation are high.

The Canadian government and Canadian educational institutions are committed to having an international presence in the country and they welcome students from abroad to study in Canada.

So, if you will be finished your FSc, O/A Levels, you will want to look at studying in Canada at the bachelor’s level.  If you have finished your first degree, and have a CGPA of 3 or higher, then there is a good possibility of getting into a quality university to study in Canada.

For more information on studying in Canada, and programs available, call Alberta Rose Education Centre for an appointment to discuss your educational goals in Canada.

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