What does it take to Succeed at University?

A – 1 study tuitionIf you dream about going to university, how do you make that dream a reality?  If you dream about graduating with distinguished marks so you can get a prominent position, how do you plan to achieve that?

There are four essentials to succeeding at university:

Good marks – Of course good marks help to get you into your desired institution.  If your higher secondary marks are poor, then you can forget about going to study at university.  The entrance requirement to university is always good marks.  If you plan to study in Canada or other foreign destinations, then 70% is the minimum mark you should have.

Good Study Habits – If you don’t have good study habits, you won’t have good marks; it is as simple as that.  You will not be able to succeed in graduating with high marks, in fact you might not even graduate – think about it.

You need to establish good study habits; setting up a study schedule, planning a daily study program and then disciplining yourself to carry it through.

Determination – Your attitude counts a lot to your success at university.  You need a 100% attitude.  If you are determined to succeed you will.  Determination is the foundation to being disciplined and having a disciplined study program, attending classes regularly and completing all assignments on time.

A Desire to Learn – Succeeding at university is not only about getting a degree so you can get a job.  Although it is one of the reasons, one of the major reasons to attend university is to learn.  There should be a love of learning, of discovery, of delving into the sciences and arts and expanding your knowledge to new horizons.

If you take these four essentials and build on them, you will be successful at not only university but life.  You will fulfill your dream of going to university and you will walk tall the day you hold that prestigious degree in your hands.

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