Undergraduate Program Tuition Costs to Study in Canada

Many students ask; where is the cheapest university to study in Canada?  So, I thought it best to put together this small table that shows a cross range of some of the cheapest and some of the most expensive universities in Canada.  Of course, not all universities are mentioned, but this does give you some idea of the huge range of prices in tuition costs at Canadian Universities.

Statistics courtesy of www.aucc.com

Statistics courtesy of www.aucc.com

Please bear in mind that these are tuition costs and do not include general fees so you should add about $1500 to $2000 for an academic year to the amounts listed in the table.  This table does not include cost of living to study in Canada for one year.

As you can see, we do have some universities with a very low tuition cost, but cheap does not always mean best or even good.  So be careful when choosing a university.  It is best to choose a public university to study at and you will also want to check out the location, the proximity to a labour market and many other factors.  You will also want to see how long the university has been in existence and what study programs are offered, etc.

You will want to check out colleges too if you want to study in Canada at the undergraduate level.  Look for a public-funded, degree offering college as you can get an excellent education but at a cheaper price than at a major university.

These rates do not include graduate studies and are no reflection of the graduate rate; although less undergraduate fees usually means a lower cost for graduate studies.  Note that some universities that offer undergraduate programs do not offer graduate studies or if they do, it may be limited to a few disciplines.

If you want to study in Canada, but are unsure about what is a good university or college to choose, then you may want to consider hiring an international student recruitment consultant who knows Canadian post-secondary institutions well.  You can contact Alberta Rose Education Centre for all your Study in Canada processing.

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