Study Visa Processing in Full Swing Again

Canada Visa Officers Back to Work!The Canadian Government and the Canadian foreign workers have come to an agreement so the long strike is over.  What that means to those students who have applied or are planning to apply for a Canada study visa; they no longer have to fear that there will be a 5 month wait or that it will sit around forever or get lost.

Online applications are still advised to speed up your process, but if you are sending your study visa application off to the High Commission of Canada in Islamabad for processing, rest assured that it will be attended to.

For those that are still undecided where they would like to study in Canada, they should consider contacting Helen Khan at Alberta Rose Education Centre for all their studying in Canada consulting needs.  As a Canadian with over 25 years of experience in the post-secondary education sector, she is best suited to help you get into a suitable college or university in Canada.


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