Canadian Study Permits on the Increase

The good news is that Student Visas for Canada are on the increase for 2013.  Between May and June of 2013 over 45,000 student visas were issued whereas only 39,000 study visas had been issued during the same time last year.

According to Canadian Immigration News, 6% more students applied for a study permit this year as compared to last year and the number of visas issued has increased by 12% as stated by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

The number of students per country was not stated so we have no idea how Pakistani students rate in these statistics.  But Pakistani students are getting visas.  I have received many inquiries from students who have been issued a study visa.

What that means is that if you are interested in studying in Canada; then pursue that dream because getting a student visa to study in Canada is a very real possibility.



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