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Canadian Study Permits on the Increase

The good news is that Student Visas for Canada are on the increase for 2013.  Between May and June of 2013 over 45,000 student visas were issued whereas only 39,000 study visas had been issued during the same time last year.

According to Canadian Immigration News, 6% more students applied for a study permit this year as compared to last year and the number of visas issued has increased by 12% as stated by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

The number of students per country was not stated so we have no idea how Pakistani students rate in these statistics.  But Pakistani students are getting visas.  I have received many inquiries from students who have been issued a study visa.

What that means is that if you are interested in studying in Canada; then pursue that dream because getting a student visa to study in Canada is a very real possibility.



How do Pakistani Students Rank Internationally in Maths & Science?

tuition lahore girls school3The TIMSS results for 2011 are highlighted in the news these days as the US analyses the maths and science results of their grade 8 students.  It seems the USA did not fair so well globally and how students faired in the exams seems to be dependent on which state they live in.

TIMSS is an acronym for Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and assesses mathematics and science along with a test of student, teacher and school questionnaires.  It also measure development progressions such as child poverty based on reduced school lunch programs.  Sixty-three countries participated in the 2011 examinations.

The American state of Massachusetts scored higher than any other US state, but still lagged behind a number of Asian countries.  South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan to the top position.

So that got me thinking about Pakistan.  What position did Pakistan hold in this exam?  Of all the countries that participate, Pakistan does not, but neither does India.  One of our other neighbours, Iran, participates in this assessment.  A search on the Internet of Pakistan’s position globally as to how our students fair in maths and sciences on the global scene, draws a blank.

It is not that we don’t have our prize-winning maths students, but it is more at the individual level than how our students rank compared to students in other countries.  In the 2012 International World Maths Day Competition, first prize went to a Pakistani student from Beaconhouse School System.  The second place went to another Pakistani student.

There have also been several high maths achievers who have participated and received medals in such events as the Maths Olympiad Contest, but we cannot measure our overall standing on a larger scale.

It would be valuable to know where we stand globally.  How does Pakistan’s Maths and Science curriculum, the students, the teachers (it takes a team effort to achieve world standards) measure up?  Can we compete internationally?  Are we above average?  Are we doing okay or do we have to improve?

News Flash: The University of Alberta Comes to Pakistan

studying in canadaHelen Khan has just this week, signed with the University of Alberta to represent this prestigious Canadian university in Pakistan.  As the sole representative in Pakistan of the University of Alberta, she will soon be visiting selected schools in Lahore to present the salient features of this world ranking Canadian university.  For those students who wish to study in Canada, they will be able to hear fist-hand about the university from its exclusive representative in Pakistan.

The University of Alberta, located in the richest province in Canada, is a research intensive university and is listed among the top 5 universities in Canada and among the top 100 universities in the world.  Degree holders from the university definitely have an edge when it comes to employment marketability.  There are over 200 undergraduate programs to choose from and over 170 graduate programs to consider for your study in Canada pursuit.

Helen Khan, a two degree holder from the University of Alberta, retired from the University of Alberta after a 25 year career at the university.  With all of this experience she is well acquainted with the university and is very capable to represent her alma mater and former employer to the students of Pakistan who wish to study in Canada at a major university.

Currently she lives in Lahore.  If you are a guidance counsellor or the principal of a higher secondary school in Lahore and if you would like to have Ms. Khan present the University of Alberta at your school; then you may contact her at 042-35743158.

She will also present the University of Alberta at the upcoming Dawn Education Expo in January 2014.

What does it take to Succeed at University?

A – 1 study tuitionIf you dream about going to university, how do you make that dream a reality?  If you dream about graduating with distinguished marks so you can get a prominent position, how do you plan to achieve that?

There are four essentials to succeeding at university:

Good marks – Of course good marks help to get you into your desired institution.  If your higher secondary marks are poor, then you can forget about going to study at university.  The entrance requirement to university is always good marks.  If you plan to study in Canada or other foreign destinations, then 70% is the minimum mark you should have.

Good Study Habits – If you don’t have good study habits, you won’t have good marks; it is as simple as that.  You will not be able to succeed in graduating with high marks, in fact you might not even graduate – think about it.

You need to establish good study habits; setting up a study schedule, planning a daily study program and then disciplining yourself to carry it through.

Determination – Your attitude counts a lot to your success at university.  You need a 100% attitude.  If you are determined to succeed you will.  Determination is the foundation to being disciplined and having a disciplined study program, attending classes regularly and completing all assignments on time.

A Desire to Learn – Succeeding at university is not only about getting a degree so you can get a job.  Although it is one of the reasons, one of the major reasons to attend university is to learn.  There should be a love of learning, of discovery, of delving into the sciences and arts and expanding your knowledge to new horizons.

If you take these four essentials and build on them, you will be successful at not only university but life.  You will fulfill your dream of going to university and you will walk tall the day you hold that prestigious degree in your hands.

Study Visa Processing in Full Swing Again

Canada Visa Officers Back to Work!The Canadian Government and the Canadian foreign workers have come to an agreement so the long strike is over.  What that means to those students who have applied or are planning to apply for a Canada study visa; they no longer have to fear that there will be a 5 month wait or that it will sit around forever or get lost.

Online applications are still advised to speed up your process, but if you are sending your study visa application off to the High Commission of Canada in Islamabad for processing, rest assured that it will be attended to.

For those that are still undecided where they would like to study in Canada, they should consider contacting Helen Khan at Alberta Rose Education Centre for all their studying in Canada consulting needs.  As a Canadian with over 25 years of experience in the post-secondary education sector, she is best suited to help you get into a suitable college or university in Canada.


Undergraduate Program Tuition Costs to Study in Canada

Many students ask; where is the cheapest university to study in Canada?  So, I thought it best to put together this small table that shows a cross range of some of the cheapest and some of the most expensive universities in Canada.  Of course, not all universities are mentioned, but this does give you some idea of the huge range of prices in tuition costs at Canadian Universities.

Statistics courtesy of

Statistics courtesy of

Please bear in mind that these are tuition costs and do not include general fees so you should add about $1500 to $2000 for an academic year to the amounts listed in the table.  This table does not include cost of living to study in Canada for one year.

As you can see, we do have some universities with a very low tuition cost, but cheap does not always mean best or even good.  So be careful when choosing a university.  It is best to choose a public university to study at and you will also want to check out the location, the proximity to a labour market and many other factors.  You will also want to see how long the university has been in existence and what study programs are offered, etc.

You will want to check out colleges too if you want to study in Canada at the undergraduate level.  Look for a public-funded, degree offering college as you can get an excellent education but at a cheaper price than at a major university.

These rates do not include graduate studies and are no reflection of the graduate rate; although less undergraduate fees usually means a lower cost for graduate studies.  Note that some universities that offer undergraduate programs do not offer graduate studies or if they do, it may be limited to a few disciplines.

If you want to study in Canada, but are unsure about what is a good university or college to choose, then you may want to consider hiring an international student recruitment consultant who knows Canadian post-secondary institutions well.  You can contact Alberta Rose Education Centre for all your Study in Canada processing.