Should I Handwrite or Type my Term Paper?

studying writingWe have all had that problem – trying to read someone’s illegible handwriting.  The page is before you in some form of hieroglyphics called writing.  But what does it say?  The handwriting is so bad that you can’t make sense of it.

And professors are no different; they want to be able to read their students’ papers and if they can’t, well you can bet the students will get a low mark on the paper or may not even get a mark at all.

Long gone are the days when a person’s handwriting was important.  I grew up in Canada when we had to learn how to write well.  I remember spending hours at school learning cursive writing.  All of those up and down strokes and circular motions had to be done with a nib pen and ink.  One had to hold the pen just right; there was lucidity to the wrist that gave way to a smooth flowing writing style and well-formed letters.  It was a real art form.  But cursive writing isn’t even taught anymore.

Today, professors in Canadian universities will not accept a handwritten paper.  They will ask that all papers be turned in typed, double-spaced on 8 x 11 inch paper.  The typed paper is absolutely essential and these professors will not even accept and mark a handwritten one.  Why?  Many students turn in chicken-scratched papers and call it a handwritten document.  If the professor can’t read it, don’t expect to get a mark, let alone a good one.

So, if you come from a school system, or are a college/university graduate from Pakistan or somewhere else where handwritten papers are accepted, and if you are planning to study in Canada, then it is time to learn how to type and use your computer for your term papers, etc.  Just having the academic marks is not sufficient for going to university in Canada.  You should know how to type and not just the one finger method either.

When I studied my undergraduate degree in Canada, I didn’t know how to type.  So I used the one-two finger typing method.  It took me forever to type those term papers, but my professors would not accept a handwritten paper.  So I had to type them.  By the time I studied my post-graduate program at a major university in Canada, I had learned to type and could use all my fingers without looking at the keyboard.  My papers got done a lot faster!

So, if you are planning on studying in Canada, then you must learn to type and use Word well – that is if you want to turn in term papers and other documents that your professors will accept and if you want to get good marks.

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