Games ESL Students Play in Class

AREC English class mimePlaying games is not just child’s play, it’s for adults too, especially if you are learning English as a second language.  Everyone gets bored with the same old routine of phonics, dictations and learning the rules of English grammar.  So it is always good to break the monotony of learning with fun learning.  That’s what we have been doing in our English language classes – we have been playing games.   Even the quietest and shyest person comes out of their shell to play a game.  The other great thing about this is that everyone is having so much fun, they don’t even realise they are participating and improving their English language skills.

Some of the games that we have played recently in our English class are:

Run on sentence – this game improves your memory, your listening ability, your vocabulary knowledge and your ability to make sentences.  It is a great way to review vocabulary while having fun.

Pictionnaire – this game improves your ability to spell and to helps you to review your previously learned vocabulary.  The great actors and actresses in the class also show up because this is a mime acting game.

Telling lies and truths – this one gets everyone speaking.  So this improves speaking skills in a relaxed and fun way.  Everyone tells two lies and three truths and everyone in the class guesses which sentences are true and which ones are lies.  Then each person shares in more detail one of the true sentences.  Of course the best liars win the day.

So if you want to enjoy learning English and not just get the dry bones version of English language learning, then you will want to join one of the English language classes at Alberta Rose Education Centre.  There is one class both morning and evening, so call Alberta Rose Education Centre today join; we are conveniently located in DHA Lahore.

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